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iPhone 5 Parts Surfaced From China Shows Nano-SIM Card Possibility

Today few more parts of the upcoming iPhone 5 surfaced on the Internet showing off the possibility of a Nano SIM Card in the upcoming iPhone 5. The report of the Nano SIM Card was previously leaked by Engadget stating that the next iPhone would be having a Nano SIM Card rather than the Micro SIM Card that is being used in the iPhone 4/4S. Today, a French blog called Nowhereelse and a Chinese Forum called iColorOS published allegedly leaked parts of the iPhone 5.


As you can see above in the picture that the home button, volume controls, front screen, sensors, and the protection element that is placed at the back of the screen. These parts are predicted to make an appearance in the upcoming iPhone 5. Till now it is very early to make a confirmation of any of these parts because no one is rock firm regarding the leaks that we are seeing day by day. The rate at which the leaks are been made, it is very likely possible that in future leaks we might see some missing parts of the iPhone 5.

We are only few weeks away from the rock firm date of September 12 to see the launch of iPhone 5 on our computer screens. As well as the iOS 6 would also be debuting with the iPhone 5 on the same day.

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