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Leaked iPad Mini Rear Casing Sold for $6000, Cases on Sale

Foxconn, the product manufacturer of Apple in China is keeping a low hand on the security of upcoming Apple products. As the announcement of new products is getting closer, the leaks are getting an increment day by day. Following the preceding leaks of the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, today a Chinese Tech Website reported about the iPad Mini Rear Shell leaked out of Foxconn. The Rear Shell that was leaked was made of finest quality material and the rear shell has come from a topnotch factory. At first, the person who got hands on the iPad Mini Rear Shell wasn’t aware of the fact that he has the most anticipated device’s rear shell in his hand.

He took some snapshots of the leaked Rear Shell and found out about the rear shell was linked to Apple’s upcoming iPad Mini. After finding out the fact behind the rear shell, the person shared some clicks on the website of that real shell.





As shown in the picture above, the quality of the iPad Mini Real Shell is same as of the finishing one. The quality of the iPad Mini rear shell is much better and realistic than the previous leaked versions. However, the iPad Mini Rear Shell points the same thing that we have seen in the iPhone 5’s back end leaked shell. Both the Devices carry the same dock connector and the same speaker grill. The only difference of size is in grills in both.


The iPad Mini rear shell compared with iPad 2 points the size of iPad Mini to be smaller. The size might be of 7-inch as previous reports have reported about a smaller tablet will be released by Apple this fall. One thing is interesting that Apple has allotted a camera in the iPad Mini as we can see in the above leaked photo. We expect the camera in iPad Mini would be of 5 Mega Pixel or 8 Mega Pixel.

The story doesn’t ends here.

There is one more thing that needs to figured out and asked by all of you.

How was the iPad Mini case leaked out Foxconn?

The iPad Mini is the product of a tech giant Company, Apple without any doubt. This anticipated Device would be unveiled on the right time and right spot by Apple. Therefore, how did the case managed to get out of the Foxconn factory. Did it got feets and hands to do a sprint or do high jump and escape because it is an Apple product.

Luckily, there is a great story behind the leak that has been covered by MIC Gadget. The sources of MIC Gadget told them about how the iPad Mini Case was leaked out of Foxconn Factory. Here is how all happened.

According to our sources, there’s a story behind this leak. Apparently, there’s an iPad mini rear shell leaked out of Foxconn factory lately, thanks to a brave Foxconn worker. He/she took the iPad mini rear shell and looked for buyers, and he/she was selling it for 38,000 RMB (about $5988).

The story starts with a Foxconn employee who took out the iPad Mini Rear Shell from the factory to make some bucks. The rear shell was then sold for 38,000 RMB ($59,988) to some Chinese Case Manufacturer.

After having hands on the leaked case of iPad Mini, the case manufacturers in Shenzhen, China started to make the iPad Mini Cases according to the leaked rear case. After making the iPad Mini case, the back cases were putted on sale on online website called Taobao (identical to EBay). The initial price of the iPad Mini case is 5 Chinese Yuan ($0.80).

Below are some images of the iPad Mini Cases:




Over here is a full gallery of iPad Mini cases.

As the iPad Mini Rear case leaked out of Foxconn, we can expect the launch of iPad Mini by Apple at the second rumored Media Event to be held this October.

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