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Samsung to Showcase Galaxy S4 Mini This Week – Rumor

Samsung is planning to showcase Galaxy S4 Mini this week prior to Galaxy S4 official launch around the globe.

After Samsung unveiled Galaxy S Flagship, Galaxy S4, the rumor mill started to grind rumors regarding the arrival of Galaxy S4 Mini this summer to combat with Apple. At first, when we heard about the rumor, every one laughed, some over looked it and some ignored the rumor of Galaxy S4 Mini because it was very early for Samsung to even think about releasing a new Mini flagship of Galaxy S Series. Samsung hasn’t released Galaxy S4 and they were thinking to announce Galaxy S4 Mini soon after the release of Galaxy S4 worldwide.


The rumors of Galaxy S4 Mini surfaced in the last week of March and the accidental confirmation of Galaxy S4 Mini by Samsung arrived few days back. What else do we need here now? As Samsung has confirmed the arrival of Galaxy S4 Mini with Bloomberg’s Business week, the same time internal sources of SamMobile have told about the unveiling time of Galaxy S4 Mini by Samsung. According to the sources of SamMobile, Samsung is planning to showcase Galaxy S4 Mini later this week because the images of Galaxy S 4 Mini have been leaked few weeks back pointing out a 4.3-inch display with low-end specifications.

In addition to all these things, Samsung also leaked Galaxy S4 Mini models on their official website that can be viewed here.

The funnies thing about Samsung is that they introduced a 4-inch Galaxy S3 Mini and now they are going to release Galaxy S4 Mini with a 4.3-inch display. Samsung announced Galaxy S2 with a 4.3-inch display two years back.

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