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“The Play Ground is Open” on October 29, After iPad Mini Media Event

Well-known Tech Companies are joining in the competition by inviting the Media in the last week of October. The well-known Tech companies are Apple, Microsoft, and Google. One competitor after another is placing a Media Event following the preceding Media Event. Following the previous Media Invite that was sent by Apple with the Teaser of, “We’ve got a little more to show you” on October 23. It is highly expected that Apple would be announcing the iPad Mini and few MAC Series refreshments. After Apple Media Event, Microsoft has planned to announce its Surface Tablet in the market on October 29.

The date is exactly six days after the iPad Mini Media Event will take place. Soon the iPad Mini Media event is over, we would be seeing Microsoft taking the stage to announce the Surface Tablet that would be interrupted by the father of all, Google. We can say this a co-incidence or a perfect rivalry plan made by Google to beat out Microsoft the same day by announcing its own Media Event with the teaser of, “The PlayGround is Open”. Today some Blogs started to cite about the Media Invitation received by Google regarding its Media Event taking place on October 29 in New York.

The beauty about the Media Invite is that Google has used a SIRI sort of Mic in its invite with the teaser, “The Play Ground is Open”. This means that Google is going to announce more than one product on its Media event to outshine the upcoming iPad Mini. The expectations are that Google will announce more than one Nexus Device to public. Even we can expect another tablet on the upcoming Media Event by Google because Apple is going to play its move on October 23 and Google will play its move exactly six days after Apple has announced the iPad Mini.

Expect the unexpected to come at October 29 because Google is going to roll out some vast updates. The play ground is open also hints towards a new Jelly bean Update, Nexus Update, invitation to developers to make new Apps, or possibly Google is going to open source some hardware stuff as an invitation for hardware experts to make the devices better and better from time to time.

It is very early to say anything regarding the teaser released by Google. However, the Media Event will take place at 10:00 AM ET on October 29.

Therefore, mark you calendars for the last week of October because heavy releasing is going to be done. On October 23, the iPad Mini gets announced, three days later the iPad Mini announcement, on October 26, the iPhone 5 Launches in India by Apple, and on October 29, Microsoft and Google go head to head on dual Media Events.

Let the show begin.

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