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iPad Mini Media Invites To Roll Out on October 10 With November Sales

With the start of a new month, we are back with a new rumor of alleged iPad Mini that was ruling the Internet before the iPhone 5 was launched. When the Media Invites for the iPhone 5 were issued to selected personal/journalists, until then the iPad Mini was on the verge for the release to be done along side iPhone 5. Unfortunately, we didn’t saw any iPad Mini Release with the iPhone 5. However, in the preceding months the iPad Mini was one of the hottest topics on the Internet until iPhone 5 got more popularity and people started to talk about the iPhone 5 more than the iPad Mini. Before the iPhone 5 could make an appearance in front of public, we told you about several rumors regarding the iPad Mini that were surfacing the web.

In the preceding months, we also came across the alleged leaked images of the internal parts of the iPad Mini that can be viewed over here. The leaked parts of the iPad Mini suggested the same 8-pin dock connector same as of the iPhone 5 and the same redesigned headphone jack at the bottom.  After these small citations about the iPad Mini, the rumors exited the market leaving behind the iPhone 5 for headlines. The iPad Mini rumors were out of the market for about a month, but now they are back on the Internet with some solid citations over the release date and sales date.


Today a report from Fortune surfaced on the Internet citing a “Major Apple Investor”, who is claiming that Apple is preparing for the iPad Mini in the same month of October and expect Media Invites to be posted on October 10.

According to our source, who asked not be named, there appears to be some truth to the widespread rumors that Apple is preparing to launch a smaller and cheaper version of the iPad — often called the iPad mini or iPad air and usually described as having a 7.85-inch screen… What our source adds is the specificity of a date: The press, he says, can expect iPad Mini Media invites to go out on Oct. 10.

The author of Fortune, Phillip Elmer-Dewitt is well connected with Apple analysts and with the major investors of Apple. The rumors about October 10 for the media initiation roll out are coming from different reliable sources as well, as noted in the report. Incase the rumors turn out to be true, then we can expect the iPad Mini unveiling on October 17 with sales to start early November.

Back in the last week of August, we told you about news that was floating on the Internet like a viral disease suggesting that Apple will hold dual Media Events this fall. The report of dual Media Events came from two reliable sources suggesting the Media Event for iPhone 5 in September and another Media Event to follow for the iPad Mini in mid-October.

If we follow that rumor, we can expect another Media Event coming ahead in the month of October. At the upcoming Media Event, Apple might announce the iPad Mini with 7.85-inch screen to compete with low-end market competitors like Kindle Fire.

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