Pakistan Military and Android Combined Makes: The Three PACs

“Necessity is The Mother of Invention”


These days the competition is very high among the tablet industry all over the world. Every single Tablet maker is trying to pull each other’s leg to come first on the leading board and want to make their name in the market. The best example we can see is of Apples iPad. Apple was the first one to come with a unique designed tablet in the market and later on many existing companies joined in to increase the competition. After iPad, different companies came up with many new tablets with different specs, screen size and the final thing, OS.

If we talk about Apple, So Apple uses its own OS, which is iOS, where as its competitor uses Android OS. No one can run iOS because Apple owns it. So, the competition remains within Android Devices, which are being mass-produced by many of the existing companies under their name, and we have seen many new burgeoning companies using Android OS in their Tablets.

Like this a strange thing is happening in an Under Developing country where no competitor or any company is working to make Android Tablets, but amazingly it is their Talented Military, which is helping the country to grow by making Android Tablets in their Spare time.

It all comes at a place in Northern Pakistan called Kamra where the forces meet. The forces are the Pakistani Engineering and Chinese hardware. They both combine in the highly secured air force complex where they manufacture the tablets.

The tablet runs on Android OS 2.3 made by Google. The cost of the tablet is around $200 that is 40% less than the cost of Apple’s iPad 2 and 60% less than the cost of any other low finished Tablets made by China or any other companies rolling in the market. No doubt China has taken over the Tablet market by introducing its low end Tablets in the market.

This might sound very weird to all of you that why Military is making the tablets, when their work is to look for borders and protect the country. If you ever got a thought like this so don’t worry because you aren’t alone. The head of Pakistan’s Software Houses Association, Jehan Ara said:

“Even if they could sell a billion units, I can’t see the point. The air force is supposed to be protecting the air space and borders of the country.”

No doubt she said the right thing, but people making these Tablets are not the guardians of the border or sky. They are the Aeronautical Engineers who work in their spare time on the Tablets.

 “It’s about using spare capacity. There are 24 hours in a day, do we waste them or use them to make something?” said Sohail Kalim, PAC’s sales director. 

The name of the Tablet is PACPAD. PAC builds the PACPAD with a company called Innavtek in a Hong Kong-registered partnership that also builds high-tech parts for the warplanes.

A part from the PACPAD, PAC has also made a handy Laptop with 4-hours of battery time, HDMI Out put with1920*1080 resolution, Windows 7 installed on it and much more.

Other than the Laptop, PAC got an E-Book Reader, which lets you handle all your appointments on the go with amazing Li-ion battery of 5 hours usage time.

The above are the 1st Generation of the PACPAD, where as the 2nd Generation of the PACPAD would be coming in the next three months.

This is a great move by an under developing country’s Military which aimed to help to improve the economy by making the Tablets, Laptop, and E-Reader. These three things combine and make The Three PACs.

What do you think about all this innovation made by Military? Feel free to answer and share your point of view regarding this move. Do you got any better idea for them?


Apple Fixed The SIRI Leak of Japanese Language

SIRI, the personal assistant in iPhone 4S is getting rude these days. It cannot decide about which languages can it speak. This must seem weird but few days back we told you people about the news that SIRI can speak Japanese with many other languages. The language Japanese was totally new for SIRI because this language is not yet supported by SIRI and Apple hasn’t added the support of the Japanese language in SIRI yet. The leak of the new language must be a slip of the tongue by SIRI.

This new language feature was said to be coming in iOS 5.1 by Apple, which was leaked by SIRI before hand. This leak no doubt made all the Japanese people happy that SIRI will be speaking their language and they will finally be able to use SIRI on their iPhone 4S. The happiness of Japanese people was for a limited time. This doesn’t means that they won’t be getting SIRI support in future, but Apple has fixed the leak in SIRI for the language.

This means that SIRI now doesn’t say that it can speak Japanese and you can change the language in the settings. Now SIRI says that it can speak English, German, and French and it is also studying new languages.

This is something strange that Apple has fixed the issue from the SIRI servers about the Japanese Language Support. This might be some sort of glitch or testing going on Apple on SIRI which was leaked before and now it is fixed. The support of new languages in SIRI will be coming in iOS 5.1 which will debut in March. Don’t forget to come back in March because something amazing is coming in March.


ABC’S Night Line Anchor Bill Weir Gets Access to Foxconn China

Many of you must be an owner of Apple’s iPhone, iPod, or iPad. We all must be happy from the finished product that Apple puts in its store. No doubt the Product is out class and worth it to buy and it is becoming one of the most sold smart phone worldwide. Apple’s share is also reaching its maximum height due to the popularity of its products.

When we go to buy an Apple’s iPhone or iPod or iPad, we forget that these all things are made in China at Apple’s Factory called Foxconn. Where workers work hard to meet the requirements of Apple and work hard to keep the users of Apple happy and let them have the same fun they want to have. We are not aware of the health of the workers or are not aware of the workers working at Foxconn China. We only know that the iPhone is by Apple and we need to buy it.

We are not aware of the work environment present at the Foxconn Factory in China. Previously the reports about the work environment were not good, it was reported that the workers are working in hazardous conditions, they got safety problems, and some child labor is also present there. This was a big allegation made against Apple’s Foxconn Factory in China. So to see all about these allegations, Bill Weir, anchor at ABC News Night Line has been granted special permission to visit the Foxconn Factory in China to see about the working environment of the workers over there. Bill Weir will be the first journalist to enter in the Foxconn industry and see the environment of the industry which changed lives of the people from Smart Phone to Personal computing. These are the people who never used iPhone or iPod in their lives.

“For years, Apple and Foxconn have been synonymous with monster profits and total secrecy so it was fascinating to wander the iphone and iPod production lines, meets the people who build them and see how they live. Our cameras were rolling when thousands of hopeful applicants rushed the Foxconn gates and I spoke with dozens of line workers and a top executive about everything from hours and pay to the controversies over suicides at the plant and the infamous “jumper nets” that line the factories in Shenzhen. After this trip, I’ll never see an Apple product the same way again” said Weir

The show will air this Tuesday 21st February 2012 at 11:35pm E.T on ABC.

Previously Apple and Foxconn were targeted for the poor condition of workers at the factory in China. So Apple allowed the labor union to start auditing on the health of workers.

Let’s see what ABC News Night Line comes up with. Meanwhile what do you think about the health of workers at Foxconn?


iOS 5 + iPad = Apple Unveiled Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8

Yeah Apple actually has broken out of shell an revealed Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 this morning with up to 100 new features forwarded from iOS 5 as Apple is completely in love to there iPad and iOS 5. In this version of Mac OS X we will see the old features converted up and brought in to the 10.8. The sneak peek was up on this morning and we are going to tell you what you have to know about Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.

The Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 contains all the features of iOS 5 which we have seen before. The main features are

  • iCloud
  • Messages/iMessages
  • Reminders
  • Notes
  • Notification Center
  • Share Sheets
  • Twitter
  • Game Center
  • AirPlay Mirroring
  • Gatekeeper

By the name you have got the features but the new ones which is Share Sheets and Gatekeeper, lets go through it. Gatekeeper is actually an anti virus by Apple if you look it in an extreme way. It will prevent malicious software installations. The share sheets will add message and tweet option in the bar.

To try it go here, the downloading link to Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.

AssisstantConnect4S Allows You To Use SIRI Without Proxy Servers (How To)

Apple only released SIRI the personal Assistant for iPhone 4S in first week of October. SIRI is a great hit not only on iPhone 4S but also on older iDevices. Due to the overwhelming demand of SIRI, hackers were able to do a legal SIRI port after the release of iOS 5.0.1 (9A406) by Apple. Some how Apple didn’t encrypted SIRI in the iOS 5.0.1 (9A406) due to which we were able to get SIRI legally in the form of SPIRE.

SPIRE was the first legal port of SIRI, which unfortunately required some Proxy servers to work with. Many people came up with their own SIRI Proxy servers and started to make some money by selling out the slots. Those proxy servers also required the iPhone 4S Keys after which they could work. Still there are many proxy servers working fine with older devices on SIRI. For those who couldn’t pay or couldn’t make their own server were out of luck. They couldn’t just enjoy the fun of SIRI on their Devices. They were left in dark with no hope.

Today going through on a Facebook page, we came across a new Tweak called AssistantConnect which aims to help you running SIRI on non iPhone 4S device without any proxy required for SPIRE. To use this Tweak, the method is simple. All you have to do is have some one with an iPhone 4S who can get you the keys of his iPhone 4S.

All you have to do is Jailbreak your Iphone 4S and non iPhone 4S device and install the following tweaks from Cydia

For iPhone 4S


For iPhone 4


Follow the steps below in order to get Keys from iPhone 4S:

Step 1:

After the installation open AssistantConnect on iPhone 4S and Reboot your iPhone 4S. The icon will be on your Springboard. So open it from there and then do a Reboot.

Step 2:

After the reboot, re-open AssistantConnect4S and activate SIRI using your home button an ask her anything like “HI” or what ever you wan to ask her.

Step 3:

Now press the button in AssistantConnect4S and email it to your friends with AssistantConnect installed on their iPhone.

Step 4:

Now send the email to your friend which will have the SIRI data for AssistantConnect. If SIRI fails to work so follow this guide here to remove the protection made by Apple few hours back.

Open the file which your friend mailed you with AssistantConnect.

Step 5:

Once you ported the file in iPhone. You will be good to go.

 Step 6:

After you have installed Keys on your iPhone, you need to reboot your iPhone 4S also in order to make it work.

The only drawback of this method is to have the iPhone 4S keys after every 24-hours. The person who send you the keys need to mail you the keys after every 24-hours because the keys get expired.

[box type=”info”] We haven’t tried this method yet. We are in testing phase. We couldn’t make SPIRE work on the iPhone. If you are trying to make it work with iPad, so this might not work. Follow the above steps properly and it will work for you. We will keep you updated with the situation


If you are getting message on Spire that it is not configured, so install SBSettings and go into SBSettings menu> More> Addons and disale the SPIRE Hook and SPIRE Injector from there. Reboot and it will work[/box]

SIRI Can Speak The Unsupported Language, Japanese

SIRI, the personal assistant on iPhone 4S revealed something new today. Some one asked SIRI about which languages can she Speak. SIRI replied that she could speak German, French, English and Japanese. The strange thing was Japanese. Apple hasn’t made the support for Japanese Language yet. Luckily SIRI can also speak Japanese. SIRI cannot speak Japanese completely yet but she was able to confirm that she can speak Japanese also. She cannot even understand Japanese yet.

Few weeks back we came across a rumor that Apple is planning to extend the language support in SIRI for many new languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, and Spanish. Apple also promised hat they would be extending the support of SIRI in the above stated languages in 2012.

Below is a piece of FAQ’s of SIRI posted on Apple’s website proving that the new languages support will come in 2012. This means that Apple has started to roll out the beta version of the following languages internally or so.

Language Support and Availability

Siri works exclusively on iPhone 4S. Siri understands and can speak the following languages:

  • English (United States, United Kingdom, Australia)
  • French (France)
  • German (Germany)

In 2012, Siri will support additional languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, and Spanish.

Somehow SIRI got so happy that she leaked the upcoming language support and indicated that Apple must be working on the above language supports. We can expect the support of above stated languages in March with the release of iPad 3 and iOS 5.1.

This leak by SIRI might have made many of the Japanese fans really excited about the support of their native language will be next.