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Top 5 MMORPG Games for Android

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) are huge video games that allow many people from all across the globe to play simultaneously in one big world. This genre has been around for quite some time but with its advent on the android phone system, it has changed dynamically to allow numerous people to play […]

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Games You Should Play on Your iPhone 5C

Along with the famous features of existing iPhone 5 the upcoming iPhone 5C will take the apple franchise to new levels. Along with the famous features from the iPhone 5, the upcoming 5C is also going to be colorful. With the new wide range of vibrant colors and the perfect user interface and sleek design, […]

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iPhone 5S Games That Are Worth Playing – List

iPhone 5s with its hardcore processor and sleek design and effective touch make the phone attractive for games. As people look for entertainment and challenge on their hand devices, iPhone 5S games will give them the best experience.  Many of the famous and amazing games are compatible with the phone itself. As iPhone is used […]

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Tips to Speed Up Your Android Phone

Androids are some of the finest smartphones in the world today, however all Android users face the same problem every now and again, their phones become slow. Sometimes, your phone may become so slow you will think as if it is time to replace the poor souls. But that is not the case! Androids really […]

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Five Things Which Makes iPhone 5S Different from iPhone 5, 4S

The  iPhone 5S launches is one of the most anticipated technology of the current year. It  is the first high-end flagship iPhone that beats its competitors with its latest iOS 7 operating system. This phone available in different colors like silver, space gray, gold. With it you obtain actually next-gen technology like much-enhanced camera, Touch […]

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Apple Released iOS 7.0.2 With Lock Screen Bugs Fixed

Few weeks after the release of iOS 7.0 for iPhone/iPod Touch/ iPad for Public, Apple today released iOS 7.0.2 for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad with lock screen security issues fixed. The first security flaw in iOS 7.0 allowed a user to unlock the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad and access its contact/personal information. Then the second security flaw allowed a […]

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