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The Secrecy Behind Oreo Cookie in Latest Samsung Unpacked Teaser Revealed

The day before yesterday Samsung teased another Unpacked 2013 Video teaser in which the same messenger named Jeremy was shown with the same Box of Unpacked 2013 sticker on it. His father in the first episode of the Unpacked 2013 teaser gave the box to Jeremy while he visits the office. When Jeremy arrives in the office, he is very much excited to see the box and says, “Is that it.” After that he insists his dad for a one little peek inside the box and his dad allows him to see what’s inside the box. When the box is opened, only few rays were shown coming out of the box and nothing more.

Then in the second episode of Samsung Unpacked 2013, Jeremy the secret messenger of the event was shown again with the box, but this time in different style. In the second episode of Unpacked 2013, Jeremy opens the box while eating Oreo Cookies and saying that the colors present in the box are his two favorite colors. Over here, Samsung showed two sides of the Oreo Cookie that are the backside and inner side separated from each other.

samsung unpacked teaser oreo cookie

As you can see in the above image that Jeremy is holding the backside of Oreo Cookie in right hand, where as the other part is in his left hand that is showing the inner side of the Oreo Cookie, which is filled with white cream.

What Does Oreo Cookie has to Do With This Unpacked 2013 Teaser?

When the second video teaser of Unpacked 2013 was released, we told you about the relation of Oreo Cookies with upcoming variation of Color Scheme in Galaxy S IV. We told you that Samsung has planned to release Galaxy S IV in two color variants that are black and white, but in today’s Galaxy S IV Hands on video, the color scheme showed by the person and image teased by Samsung showed the same old color. However, the color teased by Samsung was Pebble blue and the color Shown in the Galaxy S IV hands on was Black with White Back.

The Galaxy S IV Hands on Video puts more weight on our preceding report of the arrival of Galaxy S IV with a redesigned back with black and white dots. The video clearly showed the front color was black and the backside of the Galaxy S IV was redesigned with black and white dots portraying the color Grey.

Therefore, we can conclude that Samsung will announce the Galaxy S IV in Pebble Blue and Marble White Color or this time Samsung can go with the Black Color for Galaxy S IV. At the time of Galaxy S III, Samsung announced Pebble Blue and Marble White Colors initially. Later on the Galaxy S III was accompanied by several different colors starting from Red, Brown, Black and few more.

Yet not need to worry about the color scheme because everything would be in black and white in a day because Samsung will unveil Galaxy S IV on March 14 at Times Square, New York.

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