Download iOS 7 Officially on September 18 for iPhone/iPod/iPad

Apple along with its team is brightening every one’s day by announcing latest smartphone lineups that we already knew from months. The smartphone line-ups are no other than iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. The things that we didn’t knew were the hardware specifications and color differentiation of the iPhone 5S, where as iPhone 5C color scheme was already known since April under the name of iPhone 5S. As of today, the color scheme remained the same and name of the iPhone changed to iPhone 5C, a low-cost iPhone.

However, we will be covering that as well, but the main point for which we are here is to know the official Download iOS 7 Release Date. The official Download iOS 7 release date is scheduled for September 18 by Apple. The all-new revamped iOS 7 version will support iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, and iPhone 5S in the iPhone lineup.


The iPad lineup would start from iPad 2, iPad Mini, and until the latest iPad Models. In the iPod Touch series, iOS 7 would be supported by iPod Touch 5 only. no luck for iPod Touch 4 users.

The final iOS 7 Download would be available on September 18 with some new ringtones and a completely revamped UI for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.

Iphone 5s

iPhone 5S to Replace iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S to Vanish?

This day could be the last day to see the iPhone 4S in action on Apple Store because Apple might replace iPhone 5 with iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C might take over iPhone 4S as a low-cost iPhone. We all know that iPhone 4S has completed its legacy of two years and the time has arrived for it to take retirement and replace iPhone 4 in the market. According to our previous knowledge, iPhone 4 was given fee on two years contract, iPhone 4S was given out for $50 for two years contract or $100, and iPhone 5 newly released was sold for $200 on two years contract.

Recently things changed a bit. iPhone 5 was sold for $99.99 on a two years contract and iPhone 4S was sold for $49.99 on two years contract. Where as some retailers were doing price beating started to sell iPhone 5 at lower prices because of the new iPhone speculations. We also heard that Apple has limited the iPhone 5 stock to 16GB variants only and have discontinued 32GB and 64GB models.

Iphone 5s

If this news is correct, then we are pretty sure that iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, and iPhone 5C would be making place on the App Store, where as iPhone 4S would be given a farewell by Apple today on its Media Event.

This also makes sense in other way round that Apple would need to market its new iPhone 5C, so it would require some space and would need to kill some product from the store to place it instead of that product and that product would be none other than the iPhone 4S.

If we recall the iPad 4 and iPad Mini launch, Apple kicked iPad 3 from the shelves of Apple Store replacing it with iPad 4 and iPad 2 was limited to 16GB because kicking iPad 2 was too main stream for Apple.


Apple Store Goes down Zings iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Launch Event

Following the tradition, Apple has taken down its Apple Store ahead of today’s event to load new pages portraying iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C details. The Apple Store will come back after the event is finished with new hardware announcements. The launch of the new iPhone 5S is heavily expected because iPhone 5 is one year Old and some one new with upgraded hardware have to take its place. Therefore, Apple will be giving the name of iPhone 5S to the new model that will be taken over iPhone 5.

Other than the release of iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, a new variant called low-cost iPhone is also rumored to arrive today at the event with multiple colors. At first, we were skeptical about this new variant of iPhone brotherhood called iPhone 5C because we were hearing many rumors regarding this in the upcoming months starting from June or May.


Back in April 2013, when we reported about the iPhone 5S Launch in multiple colors, the name of iPhone 5C was not even near the rumors firing line. Suddenly after May, iPhone 5C reached rumor firing and went out on the Internet like fire in the Jungle.

Shedding some light on our previous report of iPhone 5S in Multiple Color, we told you that iPhone 5,1 variant might come in three colors that are Black/Slate, White/Silver, and the third one was unknown. However, these days the third color is called Champagne or Gold color iPhone. Where as, the iPhone 5C will debut in iPod Touch 5 like color scheme.

In order to see the old, new, and confirmed speculations, you would need to wait for about two hours and few minutes because Tim Cook is going to take the stage to brighten ever one’s day.


This should Brighten Every One’s Day – Apple Rolls Media Invites

Cutting the edges of rumors, speculations, and leaks, Apple has now officially confirmed everything by announcing September 10, 2013 Media Event. As we know Apple from the beginning, everything is ousted as Rumors, Leaks, Speculations, and later on, they are converted in official release by Apple.

Following the same trend, Apple has issued September 10 Media Invites for the Media Personal to come and see what they have been cooking since WWDC 2013. We all know that iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C with multiple colors is going to arrive because new color scheme iPhone’s were set to arrive in July, 2013, but we didn’t saw any of them arriving because they were scheduled to arrive at official time of September 10, 2013.


This should Brighten Every One’s Day.

Cutting the long story short, we all know that iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C would be making an appearance with multiple color schemes that is now further confirmed by the above invitation sent out by Apple.

The Tech Giant loves to hide a message in its Media Invites and loves to tease people with the hidden message until the official event or thing isn’t released. Amazingly, people start cracking the Media Invites by making guesses based on rumors and leaks.

Doing the same thing, we can confirm that iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C would get Multiple Color Scheme because the Media Invite has several different colors and the color Champagne is also present in there. The presence of Champagne Color confirms the rumor of iPhone 5S Golden color Scheme.

Moreover, the tagline also hints towards the arrival of bright colors with iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks Launch.


FindMyiPhone Helps Owner to recover his Stolen iPhone 5 in Pakistan

After seeing the title might make you think that you are dreaming because the thing that is stolen is gone and the owner of the device can say a fair Good Bye to its beloved Smart Phone. The thing that is stolen is gone and there is no way that it is coming back. People using Apple Products, Samsung Smart Phones, and every other product or Smart Phones that offer a security feature like FindMyiPhone or FindMyPhone leaves a very little hope in them that they will end up finding their smart phone/product after its stolen.

Many of the people loose hope after they are mugged and their favorite thing is gone. They don’t expect the thing to come back because it is gone and they think that there is no way by which it would come back. In most of the cases, people who loose hope are right and people who don’t loose hope are semi-right because they are the ones who know how to secure their device after it’s stolen.


Therefore, today we are going to tell you about a revelation incident that took place in the biggest City of Pakistan called Karachi. Before we proceed on with the incident and details, we would like to brief you about the incident.

The incident is related to the theft of an iPhone 5 with FindMyiPhone turned on and the person stealing was doing his daily routine job without knowing any technical side of the phone that he was stealing. According to the robber, he was just stealing a smart phone from a common man and enjoying his personal life when he was caught red-handed. This sounds strange, but it really happened.

Lets start with the complete story of the incident that occurred.

How Did FindMyiPhone Helped the Owner to recover his Stolen iPhone 5 in Pakistan?

The name of the owner will keep as secret and instead of the real name; we would be using Mr. B.

Mr. B, a resident of a Porsche area in Karachi went to ATM to withdraw some cash without knowing that what is going to happen with him in the next minute. When Mr. B went into bank to withdraw some cash from the ATM, two well-suited gentlemen entered few seconds after Mr. B entered. Those two well-suited gentlemen shocked Mr. B by taking the cash that he withdraw and the iPhone 5 that he had with him on gun point. At the time of robbery, Mr .B didn’t resisted for any of the thing; indeed, he gave everything he had because it was a robbery.


At that moment of time the thieves rocked and Mr B. Shocked.

However, Mr. B was clever enough to know about FindMyiPhone and he had it turned on from the beginning of the time when he bought the iPhone. Therefore, Mr. B went his home to see if he is lucky enough to find the iPhone via FindMyiPhone or not.

Guess what. He was very lucky enough to know the person who stole the iPhone with images evidence and location evidence because the idiot thief didn’t know anything about the FindMyiPhone feature and Photo Stream feature.

The thief upon stealing the iPhone 5 through the SIM Card out thinking that he is free to go and can use the iPhone as his own without knowing that his location and pictures are being uploaded in iCloud.

What do you expect to happen next?

Mr. B contacted the police officials, took the evidence with him at the place of the iPhone 5 was being used, and shocked the person who was using it.

At first, the person denied the stealing of the iPhone 5, but when Mr. B told him about the images of his room, the thief was shocked and Mr. B rocked the scene.

Later on, the iPhone was handed over to Mr. B and they went away.


Never ever, loose hope. Always try to give your best shot and always try to remote wipe the iPhone because the person who has stolen it can use your personal data to for damages.

If you are sure that the iPhone can be recovered and you got some strong, evidence like the one Mr. B had, then don’t ever think of erasing your iPhone because all the data would be gone and you wont be able to locate your iPhone.

In case, you are not sure about recovering the device, then do erase the iPhone that is remote wipe it.

In order to ensure the maximum safety of the iPhone’s, Apple has introduced Activation Lock that will be coming in iOS 7. We would urge every one to update to iOS 7 whenever it is out because safety is more important than the Jailbreak and look of your iPhone. The look and Jailbreak of the iPhone is being worked on. It will be released after iOS 7 is out.

To ensure more safety on this feature of Activation Lock, we did a two-phase test to see if this feature really works or not. A detailed two-phase test is present here.

Once iOS 7 and Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 7 is out, we will make a guide on how can a person make a bulletproof security of his iPhone with Find My iPhone, Activation Lock, and a Cydia Tweak.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Bottom Burned While Charging in Pakistan

Samsung Galaxy S4 is about to make a new record in the Guinness Books of World Record under the section of “Most Burned Smart Phone in 2013”. In order to achieve the goal, Samsung has decreased the quality of its newly released Flagship because they want to compete to achieve the award from Guinness Books of World Record. We don’t know about the competitor of Samsung because Samsung is competing country wise with its own Flagships. We didn’t come across any competitor of Samsung, rather than Samsung Galaxy S4 Flagships burning around the Globe.

This might sound shocking/strange that another newly bought Samsung Galaxy S4 burned from the bottom while it was charging. This time the Galaxy S4’s ass burning news comes from Pakistan, where the frustrated owner of newly bought Samsung Galaxy S4 reached Axeetech on their Facebook page to show the high quality plastic body Smart Phone that burned from the bottom while it was charging.


The name of the frustrated owner is Salahudin, who is a citizen of Pakistan and bought this next level Plastic Body Smart Phone hardly few days back. The owner of burnt Galaxy S4 bought this next level Samsung Phone to enjoy the new features, display, and many more new thing that were added to Galaxy S4 by Samsung, but who knew that this piece of Galaxy S4 will end up like three others did in different parts of the world.

According to the owner, the phone was on charge like daily routine, but this time the routine went different. While the Galaxy S4 was on charge, Salahudin noticed a strange smell of a wire burning. Upon investigation, he found out that his newly bought Samsung Galaxy S4 charging wire was the cause of the smell.


When the wire was taken out of the Samsung Galaxy S4, a minor burn was spotted on the top of the Micro-USB that is shown in the image above. The burn might seem minor, but it has strongly affected the charging that is the phone is no longer capable of charging. The owner has said RIP Galaxy S4.

However, the owner of the smart phone has knocked the doors of Samsung to look into the case and replace this bottom burnt Samsung Galaxy S4 with a new one. Amazingly, Samsung Pakistan showed a non-serious attitude towards the owner complaint and showed a resistance attitude. We hope that some one from Samsung Official’s respond to his complain and at least look in the matter or further investigate in the case to see the root of the problem.

The owner of this Samsung Galaxy S4 was lucky to catch the issue on the spot; other wise Galaxy S4 can lead you to damages more than it’s cost.

Previously a house was burnt due to Samsung Galaxy S4. After all, Samsung has designed its new Flagships for humans.