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What to Expect from iPhone 5 on September 12 Media Event (Review)

The iPhone 5 Media Event is around the corner and as for now everything is official. Apple has invited selected Media Personal to come on September 12 to see what they got for them by sending out Media Invites on Tuesday. Following the Media Invites, on Friday Apple started to decorate Yerba Buena Center for the Arts with a colorful banner. That color full banner had a mystery hidden in it that was revealed today. You can see full details present here about the mystery hidden behind the banner.

Lets talk about the iPhone 5 from scratch.

Last year when Apple invited for the Media Event on October 4 with a clear invitation stating “Lets Talk iPhone”, at that time the iPhone 5 was highly expected. Few days before the event, the iPhone 5 name was on the verge. However, before the event could start, it was hinted that there might be no new iPhone this fall and Apple might release an update to iPhone 4 with some minor changes. Unfortunately, same thing happened. The iPhone 4S was announced with nothing new other than the hardware changes. The design was the same as of the iPhone 4. Many fans were disappointed and waited to opt for the iPhone 5 until next year. Somehow, the sales of the iPhone 4S made a new record.

The time passed by and we started to come across alleged leaks regarding the iPhone 5. The leaks session started back in the month of March or May, when we came across the first alleged iPhone 5 mockup. The mockup was rumored to be unproven until we came across more mockups. Soon after the first mockup, we got a line of leaks from one month to another. The leaks started to come like a drop of water from a tap, one after another.

Every month we were hearing about a new leak with the same old mockup. After sometime, we came across the leaked front panels of the iPhone 5 and alleged back casing of the iPhone 5. It was not long when we came across a fully assembled iPhone 5. We also came across the iPhone 5 hands on video and how the iPhone 5 with larger screen would look in a person’s hand. After crossing all the leaked dummies of the iPhone 5, we came across the alleged hardware parts of the iPhone 5. The first part of the iPhone 5 was dock connector with reallocated headphone jack. Then we came across the front panel assembled with hardware.

As for today, we have seen a fully leaked alleged iPhone 5 before the release. The only thing that is confirmed and for sure coming in the iPhone 5 is a 4-inch screen about which we know and are sure.

Until now, we told you the summary of the iPhone 5 leaks. Now we would be telling you about our expectations from iPhone 5 on September 12.

What to expect from iPhone 5 on September 12?

Therefore, lets start with our expectations based on preceding rumors.


The iPhone 5 Design

It is very early to comment on the iPhone 5 design, however we believe the design to be the same as of the leaked one. The design that was leaked showed redesigned version of the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 would be thinner than the iPhone 4S for sure.

iPhone 5 will carry the two tone color design by replacing the back glass part with metal or aluminum back.

The reports mentioned that the iPhone 5 would feature the same design as shown in the preceding leaks. Full report present here.

iPhone 5 Features, Price, and Specs

The iSight Camera

We expect the iPhone 5 camera to be of 12MP. The iPhone 4S featured an 8MP camera. Therefore, 12MP camera makes sense for the iPhone 5. The camera would feature more lenses and better quality than of the iPhone 4S one.

Video Recording:

The video recording would remain the same, 1080p because no greater resolution has come out yet.

Front Camera:

We predict the front camera to get an update to 8MP, would be great if Apple made this upgrade.


The processor in the iPhone 5 would be updated for sure. The new processor would be called A6 that will feature a quad-core speed.


The RAM will be updated as well from 512MB to 1GB because Apple didn’t updated RAM in the iPhone 4/4S as well. This time they should update the RAM to beat out the competitors.


The display of the iPhone 5 would be the same traditional Retina Display with purported 1136×640 resolution.

The screen size would be increased from 3.5-inch to 4-inch. This would be a great breakthrough.

NFC Technology:

We don’t think that the NFC would be making space in the iPhone 5 this year. Apple doesn’t seem to be interested in NFC. Moreover, the leaks also showed a red flag in the matter of NFC.

4G LTE Network:

The iPhone 5 will also feature a 4G LTE Network that will be supported by different carriers around the world soon after the release of it.


The Bluetooth 4.0 would be featured in iPhone 5 also, the same version that was introduced in the iPhone 4S. Apple might make some changes in the iPhone 5’s Bluetooth Wireless technology.

Power and Battery:

The battery in the iPhone 5 would be of greater mAh (3.8mAh). This increment in the iPhone 5 Battery might increase the talk time from 8 hours to 10 hours on 3G and from 14 hours to 16 hours on 2G. The stand by time would increase from 200 hours to 300 hours.


The iPhone 5 is rumored to get redesigned headphones. The new headphones will shape like a horse headed headphones that can be viewed here.

iOS Version:

The iPhone would feature the upcoming iOS 6 for sure in which it will get the automated scaling feature.


We are expecting an update to SIRI in iOS 6. The SIRI will be updated to support many more languages that are new. New features would be added to SIRI. SIRI will get more interesting than before.


The iPhone 5 will feature the same two color tones of black and white. We don’t expect any new color lineups for the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Pricing:

The price of the iPhone 5 would remain the same as of the iPhone 4S launch price. The iPhone 5 would be going on sale for $649, $749, $849, and $949. To know about $949 price, visit here.

The on-contract prices will be $199, $299, and $399.

We think that is enough for the iPhone 5. All we have to do is now just wait for the iPhone on September 12 Media Event and see how many predictions come true. We got a list of things that might be unveiled on September 12 awaiting your looks over here.


If you think that something is missing from the list, so feel free to comment below and we will put that up on the list.

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